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Skill: spellstaff               Lvl 18 Drui  (28%)
                                (critical)   Requires: carve totem
                                Group: Druid talismans

carve spellstaff help                - this screen
carve spellstaff list                - show spells you can bind to a staff
carve spellstaff create <item>       - carve item into a spellstaff
carve spellstaff create <item> druid - carve item into a druid-only spellstaff
carve spellstaff <spell>             - set the spell for the spellstaff
carve spellstaff finish              - finish and seal the spellstaff

Druid spellstaffs are runed staffs that allow easy recharging, unlike
traditional mage staffs which generally become useless once their magic
is drained.  An experienced druid can create a new spellstaff or recharge
old ones.

To charge your spellstaff, simply cast the appropriate spell on the staff.

Only druid spells may be used in spellstaffs, and that some spells, such
as 'earth wall', simply cannot be cast using a staff.  For a list of valid
spells, use the 'carve spellstaff list' command.

You may find wood for a spellstaff by gathering wood in forests.  It is
also possible to create a bone spellstaff, but for this you must also know
the 'scrimshaw' skill, in addition to finding a suitable length of bone.
Bone spellstaffs can be somewhat more powerful than wooden ones, and are
able to store certain necromancer spells.

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