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Skill: mooncatcher              Lvl 32 Drui  (21%)
                                (obscure) Requires: suncatcher

carve mooncatcher      - create a moonlight-specific lightcatcher
carve mooncatcher seal - transform a mooncatcher into a handful of moondust

Similar to suncatchers, it is rumored that it's possible to carve
lightcatchers that can catch moonlight.  Recent discoveries in runic
magic allow druids to convert a bottle of moonlight into a brewing
component known as moondust.  Moondust can be used to 'bulk out' brews,
adding to the potency and level of a recipe without altering the
spells it produces.

Batches of moondust will not readily combine, as potencies can vary
from batch to batch, and it slowly decays over time.

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