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Spell: skyfall                  Mana:  95  Int: 33  Wis: 35  Lvl 36 Drui  (21%)
                                (obscure) Requires: starcatcher

cast skyfall

This ritual requires a fairly full starcatcher in your inventory.

The 'skyfall' spell is half spell, half runic ritual.  The runes used
are carved on the ground, and the spell is used to unseal a starcatcher
and fill the runes with starlight.  If successful, a terrible creature
from another realm is summoned to do the bidding of the caster.

The 'skyfall' spell is so-called as the summoning ritual calls forth
a being that falls to the earth from the sky. The ancient cataclysm
Skyfall is named for the spell, as it is believed the ritual, along
with other high runic magics, was used indiscriminately to wreak havoc
on the world.

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