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Keywords are:  'druid spell liveoak oak acorn'

Spell: liveoak                  Mana:  10  Int: 26  Wis: 28  Lvl 28 Drui  (28%)
                                (critical) Requires: deadoak

cast liveoak [acorn]

Note - this spell requires bottled sunlight.

A liveoak is an enchanted tree powered by sunlight.  To create a liveoak,
deep runes are carved into the tree, then activated using liquid sunlight
from a suncatcher.  The tree can be controlled fairly easily and can be
an effective force in battle.

If there are no trees nearby, it's possible to create a liveoak from an
acorn by using additional sunlight to force it to grow prematurely.

Note that turning a tree into a liveoak is a death sentence for the tree.
It cannot become a normal tree again, and if released the sunlight will
consume and destroy it.

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