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Keywords are:  'druid spell ancientoak oak acorn'

Spell: ancient oak              Mana:  55  Int: 32  Wis: 34  Lvl 37 Drui  (28%)
                                (helpful) Requires: liveoak

cast ancient oak

Note - this spell requires bottled sunlight and a pile of acorns.

An ancient oak is an enchanted tree powered by sunlight.  To create an
ancient oak, a large number of acorns are placed in a specific pattern
and forced to grow using stored sunlight.  Once the tree reaches maturity,
the last part of the spell forces the tree to shatter its own roots and
rip itself out of the ground.  The tree can be controlled fairly easily
and can be an effective force in battle.

Note that creating an ancient oak is a death sentence for the tree.  It
cannot become a normal tree, and if released the sunlight will consume
and destroy it.

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