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Keywords are:  'druid spell call thunder lightning'

Spell: call thunder             Mana:  15  Int: 17  Wis: 19  Lvl 13 Drui  (42%)
                                (important)   Requires: control weather
                                Group: Druid sky
Spell: call lightning           Mana:  20  Int: 22  Wis: 24  Lvl 19 Drui  (28%)
                                (important)   Requires: call thunder
                                Group: Druid sky
                                Damage Type: zapping zap
                                Damage: massive  
                                Speed: average

cast call thunder
cast call lightning <target>
cast call lightning room

The 'call thunder' spell summons a loud clap of thunder from the
skies to scare and demoralize enemies.  While even inexperienced users
can get a good rolling thunder, it takes skill and concentration to
guide lightning into arcs to generate a truly frightening thunderclap.

The 'call lightning' spell directs lightning from above to strike
the target of your choice.  Precise control of the lightning is
difficult, but a successful strike can be debilitating.

To call thunder or lightning, the sky must be overcast, with at least
a small amount of wind.

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