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Keywords are:  'druid spell thunderseeds seeds'

Spell: thunder seeds            Mana:   7  Int: 15  Wis: 17  Lvl  7 Drui  (28%)
                                (important)   Requires: thistles
                                Group: Druid plant lore
                                Damage Type: fire blast
                                Damage: low  
                                Speed: average

cast thunder seeds <enemy>

The 'thunder seeds' spell is used to charge foraged nuts, seeds, and
berries with fire, making them explode when thrown at an enemy.  While
only distracting on larger creatures, on smaller ones they can be quite
disorienting and lethal.

You can use nuts, seeds, or berries that have been collected with the
'forage' or 'gather' commands in order to cast the spell.  Simply have
the seeds, nuts, or berries in your inventory when you cast the spell
on an enemy.  You will automatically use them.

If you don't have any collected nuts or berries, you can also use
collected acorns.  These will be automatically used if you have any.

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