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Keywords are:  'druid skill reduce decoction tincture'

Skill: reduce decoction         Lvl 16 Drui  (28%)
                                (helpful) Requires: brew infusion
Skill: reduce tincture          Lvl 25 Drui  (28%)
                                (helpful) Requires: brew infusion

reduce decoction <liquid container>
reduce tincture <liquid container> <alcoholic drink>

Druidic infusions are the most basic tonics. Though they can
produce powerful effects, they can be further refined using
several methods. These include decoctions and tinctures.

Decoctions are prepared by heating a tonic over a fire. The
process concentrates the tonic. It loses half of its volume,
but increases in level. Failed decoctions usually evaporate as
the reaction goes out of control.

Tinctures are prepared by adding an alcoholic beverage to a
tonic. A chemical reaction ensues, and the tonic will typically
foam up as gas escapes from it. Tinctures add an invigorating
effect to tonics, so when consumed they restore movement and
mana. Failed tinctures generally become intoxicating in their
own right, and can be consumed just like any alcoholic beverage.

Both of these methods of reduction can be repeated, but there
are limits to how potent tonics can be made. Likewise, both
require the brewer to magically guide the process, and use
mana to complete.

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