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Keywords are:  'ignore dnd-mode do-not-disturb'

ignore <name>            - ignore a player
ignore add <name>        - ignore a player
ignore remove <name>     - unignore someone
unignore <name>          - unignore someone

ignore allow <name>      - never ignore player/god name
ignore unallow <name>    - remove player from allow list
ignore clear             - clears and resets everything

ignore dnd               - toggle do-not-disturb mode
ignore clan              - toggle ignore clan members
ignore pk                - toggle ignore temp player killers
ignore spammers          - toggle ignore spam flagged players
The ignore command allows you to ignore single players, or groups/classes
of players.  It also allows you to ignore everyone, and only see those
you care to see.  If you simply type 'ignore <target>' it will default to
an account ignore for that player name.

Group members can't be ignored.
Ignore doesn't prevent pk, and when you're pk ignore isn't as strong.
World builders (level 107+) can ignore you, but you can't ignore them.
You may specify a timer value in ticks to ignore a person for a while.

Warning - it's considered harassment if you know someone is ignoring
you, and you still try to communicate with them or bother them.  This
applies even if you ask friends to talk to the person on your behalf, or
if you try to use multis or new characters.

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