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Keywords are:  'boards read write remove posting messages'

look <board> [message number or range]
read <message number>
write <board>
remove <message number> <board>

[See also 'help remote board' for posting on boards in another room.]

To see which messages are written on a board or note, just look at it.
To read a particular message, type read <message number>.

To write a new message, 'write board' or 'write note' and press return.
Fill in the To: and Subject: fields one at a time and press enter.

Notes on boards may be private to mortal characters.  Any god over level
107 may read ANY message.  Know and understand that all messages on all
boards are public to the creator, and may or may not be kept private.
Messages written on notes can be read by anyone who can see the note.

To write a message to a group of people, put the names of each member in
the group in the "To: " header.  Ex.  "To: dentin jed draco jerk"

To write a message to a clan, use the word "clan" followed by the names of
any clans you wish to be able to read the message. Any names before the word
"clan" are considered single player names.  To make the message readable
only by clan elders, put the word "elder" after the word "clan".  Characters
whose names are listed before the "clan" will still be able to read the note.

As an example, a note with the following To: header is readable by Dentin,
and any characters in either the shadow or dragon clans:
"To: dentin clan shadow dragon"

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