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Keywords are:  'set long description'


set description
set description edit

These commands allow you to set or edit the long description on your
character.  When describing your character, keep the following poem in mind:

                 The Long Description, a Haiku by Azazel.
                         Set Long Description,
                     Character lacks Depth and Soul
                         Be Wise and Concise.

If you do not wish to set a description, that is fine - just be prepared to
ignore the messages reminding you to set a desc.  If you do set a description,
spend some time on it:  Descriptions that are stupid, nonsense, line noise,
or cut and paste will be deleted until you get it right.  If you can't take
the time to do a proper description, learn to put up with the reminders.

Last but not least, please remember to format your descriptions with the
/format command in the editor.

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