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Keywords are:  'social format templates'

If you want to make new socials, the format is as follows:
0 socialname~
1 no target, sent to self~
2 no target, sent to room~
3 target self, sent to self~
4 target self, sent to room~
5 target character, sent to target~
6 target character, sent to room~
7 target character, sent to self~
8 target not present, sent to self~
9 target object, sent to self~
10 target object, sent to room~

Any line except line 0 may be omitted if necessary.  %1 through %8 control
the send strings and formatting, as specified in 'help roomsend'.

As an example, here is the smile social:
0 smile~
1 You smile.~
2 %1 smiles.~
3 You smile happily at yourself.  Good job!~
4 %1 smiles happily at %5self.~
5 %1 smiles at you.~
6 %1 smiles at %2.~
7 You smile at %1.~
8 You don't see that person here.~
9 You smile and start playing with %o.~
10 %1 smiles and starts playing with %o.~

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