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Keywords are:  'strings roomsend charsend specp syntax'

When setting strings that target a character, object, or other things, a form
of printf syntax is used.  If the character in question is not visible by the
person receiving the send, "someone" or "something" will be used.  The
following are substitutes:

%1      :name of first thing
%3      :sex of first character - his/her/its
%5      :sex of first character - him/her/it
%7      :sex of first character - he/she/it
%g1     :god of first character

%2      :name of second thing
%4      :sex of second character - his/her/its
%6      :sex of second character - him/her/it
%8      :sex of second character - he/she/it
%g2     :god of second character

%o      :name of third thing
%p      :sex of third character - his/her/its
%q      :sex of third character - him/her/it
%r      :sex of third character - he/she/it
%g3     :god of third character

%n      :cr/lf (hard return), for multiple line strings

Objects and characters are interchangeable here - a thing can be either an
object or a character.  In the case of objects, the sex stuff won't work.
Also, objects are usually passed as the third thing, so that %o can be used
as the name of the object.  This is not a strict requirement.

For example, when using a specp to make a mob elbow another in the head:
%1 elbows %2 in the head, stunning %6.

Would translate into something like:
The toll golem elbows Dentin in the head, stunning him.

This is also the syntax used to set roomstrings on doors.

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