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AABN:  10588
Title: a book titled, 'Artifacts Captured During the Great Wars'

Numerous powerful pieces of equipment were forged during the Great Wars, by
both sides. Very few artifacts of good remain, as most were either
destroyed by the enemy, or were taken to the Worlds of Light by returning
angels. A few, such as the Seven Maces, surface on occasion, stolen from
treasure hoards or tombs.

In contrast, many evil artifacts are unaccounted for. Some were known to
have been disenchanted at the end of the Wars, such as the Shield of the
Dark Lord. Others did not surface for years or centuries later, such as the
sword Soulreaper. Soulreaper was wielded by an ambitious human named
Sarvas. Sarvas was defeated by elvish sorcerors while defending the
captured dwarven city of Khal-Moria. Soulreaper was stripped of its
enchantments and discarded. Others, like Dr'Vajka, a glove said to have
been made from the flayed skin of an angel, was locked away with its bearer
when the Order of Oblivion was captured and bound.

Perhaps the most famous artifact captured after the Great Wars was the
powerful construct D'manti Tal. Heavily damaged, D'manti Tal was pursued
across the Wilderness of Zin by the Inquisition until it was driven into a
magical trap. Little is known of the nature of this trap, but it is said
that D'manti Tal remains suspended between dimensions, ensared until a
powerful counter-reagent is used to break the spell that binds it.

A number of powerful objects were taken by the Kingdom of Q'thelas prior to
its fall. They are believed to be sequestered in one or more unknown
locations, protected by powerful wards and magical guardians.

The Sash of Innocents was created by a wicked necromancer during the
Massacre of Q'Keen. Witnesses reported that all of the children of the
colony were rounded up. They were slaughtered one by one, and their blood
and lifeforce were drained. Powerful hematologic magic wove their blood and
the harvested soulstones into a piece of long red fabric. The Sash instills
the wearer with vigor and necromantic power, but they are haunted by the
faint screams of dying children while in contact with it.

A sickle known as the Unhallowed Blade of the Reaper was forged from ore
mixed with the blood of demons. It was instilled with soulstone energy,
making it capable of cutting into spirits and ethereal creatures.

It is of note to mention that the ancient treatise of blood magic, the Book
of Blood and Air, was censored as a forbidden text in Old Q'thelas. It is
believed to be the first documented instructions for the casting of the
"dying breath" spell. The few remaining copies were locked away in the same
vaults that are rumored to hold captured evil artifacts.

Also of note are the numerous blok'arni (or arjale) weapons taken from
footsoldiers of the Evil Immortals. Most of these were melted down and
destroyed. Of special note were sympathetically forged kerach weapons known
as blades of terrible crystal. Given to veteran warriors, these masterfully
crafted weapons were made with acacia wood handles and set with faceted
hubnerite gemstones. They were known to be especially deadly to angels.

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