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AABN:  10589
Title: a book titled "The Order of Oblivion"

The Order of Oblivion is an elite force of demonic enforcers that served
beneath the Evil Immortals during the Great Wars. The suffix "Tal" was
added to their names as titles of honor. They were mostly demons of vast
power and ability. They are sometimes referred to as the "Tals".

Kr'Path Tal is the spawn of a demon god. Though like a giant in stature, he
was known to be swift, graceful and stealthy. He is not skilled in magic,
but is a master of arms. To him the cursed blade SoulReaper was entrusted.
It is said that Kr'Path Tal was imprisoned in the Ash Mountains, bound in
adamantine chains.

Uppsala Tal is a bizarre cross of crystalline dragon and demon. In form he
resembles a monstrous dragon-elf, though with a far more draconic head. He
is covered with scales of purple amethyst. It is said he is a master of
crystal magic. He was never captured, and most likely still dwells in the
elemental plane of darkness. 

Dr'Majj Tal was once a delgandan, or shadow giant, sorcerer that
volunteered for various magical experiments to be performed on him. He grew
warped and stunted, but his magic became overwhelmingly strong. He is known
to wield elemental spells, necromancer spectral rot spells and dark shadow
magic. He was once imprisoned along with Kr'Path Tal, but eventually was
able to escape using his dark magic. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Tin'Sak Tal is a powerful necromantic construct. He began life as a wicked
human warlord that pledged his life to the demon gods. He died in battle,
his blade Plaguebearer in hand. His patrons fashioned him a new body of
petrified troll bones and metal gears. His soul is bound to it. It is said
that he stands vigil on the elemental plane of darkness, waiting for the
return of his masters.

Muug'Vl Tal was once a common insect-like beast from the Demon Plane.
Repeated magical experiments caused it to swell into a vast beast of
pinching claws and armored hide, wreathed in shadows. Its spawn, the
valas'trids, were used in flocks as cannon fodder during the Great Wars. It
is armed with pinchers, a poisoned stinger and its toxic breath. When its
patrons were defeated, Muug'Vl Tal retreated into deep underground caverns,
where it doubtless still lurks, slowly filling them with its unwholesome

D'mamati Tal is not a living creature, nor was it ever. It was a construct,
made after the fashion and in mockery of the High Machine Period of the
fallen kingdom of Q'thelas. Made in the image of their great Battle
Machines, it is armed with blades and magical weapons. The machine bested
many an enemy. It was eventually lured into a magical trap and banished to
another plane. It is said that with the right materials D'mamati Tal can be
retrieved from its exile, though being a soulless construct it would be
unlikely to be grateful.

Seti Tal is the child of Seth, the serpent god, and a mortal. Of all the
Tals, he was known to be the most diplomatic. Many a noble hero found
themselves swayed by his lofty arguments and soaring rhetoric. After the
Great Wars, Seti Tal is the only one of the Tals that was not exiled or
forced into hiding. It is rumored that he has been traveling in the east,
visiting the courts of various nations to offer his services as an advisor
and diplomat.

Korven Tal was once an angel, one of the fiery race of Redeemers. He ruled
a band of like-minded angels in Purnima. Seti Tal brought him and his small
host of angelic vespers into the Order using his keen skills of flattery
and deception. Among them was the corrupted celestial hound that became
known as Fenrir. His allegiance to the demon gods and their conspirators
caused a fundamental change in his nature. The fire in his blood guttered
out, replaced with bitter coldfire. His radiance was curdled into a blanket
of shadow. Only a vestige of his angelic beauty remained, cloaked beneath a
veil of malice. Korven Tal was the last of the Order to be captured after
the Great Wars. Dentin personally hurled him into the sea and caused a reef
to grow up over him. Wardstones were placed around him, infused with
elemental energy, to prevent his escape. Most of his servants dispersed,
save Fenrir, whom legends say was captured by the Wild Hunt, and hidden
away in a dark forest.

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