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AABN:  10590
Title: a book titled "The Age of Chaos and the Great Wars"

When the world was young, Dentin called forth many diverse beings to
inhabit it. Mighty dragons ruled the skies. Upon the plains and mountains
giants built mounds of earth and stone in honor of the gods, striving with
their foes and probably forefathers, the titans. Mighty Faerie Princes
strode forth from their hiding places to people the forests and fountains
with their children, thus elves and gnomes and goblins and fairies both
great and small came to being. In the deep places, far underground, dwarves
mined and built, and the rumor of their vast wealth spread across the

The realm was rich and beautiful. From across the gulfs of space
immeasurable other gods gazed upon the world with lustful eyes. Great
Archdemons, the Demon Lords, conspired with brash young gods, Dentin's
pupils, who sought to overthrow their master.

A great tumult was upon the land. The empires of the giants crumbled
beneath a falling sky, the dragons retreated to their far strongholds, and
the Faerie Lords forsook this realm, returning to their abodes in the
Otherworld, save only a few that languish on in these days, bereft of the
greatness they once possessed.

New races sprang forth upon the world. Men came to be, perhaps shaped on
the anvil of the gods, or carried from their distant home to be sown upon
fresh soil. In the far-sundered southern lands, the dragons enthralled what
men fell upon those shores. They came to serve dragons, and thus was born
the Dragon Empire.

Upon Atmir, men struggled in the midst of the Great Wars. They spread forth
from Ralnoth, their ancestral home, to found new settlements.  Hartmur,
Jo'kerin and the Dunn Hurr rose up between the conflicts. Men from the
south, servants of the Dragon Emperor, made landfall near the mouth of the
Amagawa River. Some were scattered throughout the deserts and remain there
wandering, ever restless. Some fell into forbidden paths, in servitude of
false gods. Yet others mingled their blood with that of elves, and their
descendants founded Q'thelas, the Shining Kingdom, the Jewel of the  South,
and her reach was long.

The Wars rose up again, and a new terror was unleashed. Demon Lords and
Fallen Immortals combined their power, shaping shadow into a realm of
terror, of elemental darkness. The Void grew mighty, and drew together a
council, and prepared them, and called them Tal, the Order of Oblivion.

Q'thelas fell, her children scattered. Yet the servants of Dentin
prevailed, aided by the traitor, the Dark Flame, whom was raised up into
the High Pantheon.  The Order of Oblivion were stripped of their arms and
imprisoned, and the Fallen Immortals banished to the darkness they had
made. Dentin bade counsel with the Lords of the Demon Realms, and they made
peace. The Universal Accords stand to this day, that man and demon may have
peaceable intercourse.

Yet one remained - Kenai, the Trickster, the Betrayer. In many guises he
hid, wandering the world, feigning reform, gathering strength, until the
last of the Great Wars came to pass. And yet Kenai fell before the might of
the High Pantheon, and only scattered rumor of his fate is heard to this

The world was scarred but survived. New powers arose: Avalon in the south,
the Rubicons, the Zulus, Vandar, Arcadia and many others. The Dragon
Emperor stretched forth his hand again and founded Daigaku-Tatami, foothold
of the Ryu of Suboria. Khal-MinDur and Khal-Moria fell, but Khal-Uktar
prospered. And thus rolled forth the Reign of Dentin, god of gods and lord
of Creation. 

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