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AABN:  11175
Title: a book titled 'The Houses and Heraldry of the Dunn Hurr'

The County of Albion

Ruling Family: The Albions

Heraldry: a leaping white stag against a green shield

Patron Fey: The Verdant Prince

The Barony of Eisdorf

Ruling Family: The Jagersons

Heraldry: a gray seal and a seated blue man, facing each other against a
white shield

Patron Fey: the Selkies

The Kingdom of Dunnhurst

Ruling Family: The Hurrins

Heraldry: a pair of winged unicorns, one white, one dark blue, circling
around a stylized sun and crescent moon, surrounded by five-pointed white
stars against a blue field

Patron Fey: Lord Marath of the Summer Court

The Earldom of Marikest

Ruling Family: The Brightstones

Heraldry: a yellow-clad knight standing at attention in front of a blue

Patron Fey: The Drowned Prince

The Rittermark

Ruling Family: The Ritters

Heraldry: a closed helm with a red plume against a yellow shield

Patron Fey: Lady Nora

The Viscounty of Rogonia

Ruling Family: The Rogons

Heraldry: a white sea serpent devouring a man against a navy blue field

Patron Fey: the Friendly Fisher

The Duchy of Takar

Ruling Family: The Takar

Heraldry: a black horse rampant against a crimson shield

Patron Fey: The Night Stallion

The Duchy of Westfall

Ruling Family: The Ramberts

Heraldry: a white sword pointed downward against a bright blue shield

Patron Fey: The Queen of Air and Darkness (deceased)

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