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AABN:  11176
Title: a book entitled "Races of Men: The Dunnlanders"

The humans of the Dunn Hurr have a common ancestry that can be traced all
the way back to Ralnoth. They have many cultural similarities with the
humans of the Kingdom of Avalon. They descended from the same stock and
left Ralnoth at roughly the same time, early during the Age of Chaos.

Dunnlanders, as they are often called, tend to be taller than the average
human. They usually have brown hair, but blondes and gingers are fairly
common.  They have the pale, ruddy skin common to humans found north of the
Ash Mountains and in Avalon.

Like their Avalonian cousins, Dunnlanders are castle-builders. Their cities
always surround a central keep, and are, perhaps echoing Ralnoth, enclosed
by high walls. They have a strict feudal structure, with each major
settlement being ruled by a noble family. The nobles, in turn, are loyal to
the crown of Dunnhurst, their capital city.

Dunnlanders are perhaps most unique for their relationship with fairies.
Each noble family in the Dunn Hurr has an alliance with a nearby fey
patron, generally a powerful entity with a high status in the faerie courts
These patrons lend aid in times of crisis, and can call on their Dunnlander
allies for aid when needed. Some of the fairy patrons rarely interact with
their human neighbors. Others visit frequently, or even live amongst

Many Dunnlanders have orc or faerie bloodlines. Unlike some humans,
Dunnlanders tend to be proud of their non-human lineages. Their communities
have close ties to the fairy folk that live nearby, and intermingling
between men and fey is strongly encouraged. At least a quarter of the
inhabitants of the northernmost Dunn Hurr settlement of Eisdorf are part
Selkie, the highest concentration of fey-touched humans in the world. 

The Takari are a subset of Dunnlander believed to be descended from ancient
Jali immigrants. Like the Jali, they have darker skin, brown or black hair
and brown eyes. Most of them live in Takar, however substantial populations
of Takari can be found in Rogonia and Anchorhead. Other Dunnlanders do not
discriminate against Takari. Intermarriage is fairly common and bares no

Many Takari women have a minor magical ability known as the Eye, which they
can use to cause minor misfortune such souring milk or causing a man to
bite his tongue. Some necromancers, mages and even druids learn to increase
the potency of their Eye, becoming known as witches. Very rarely, Takari
men are gifted with the Eye, and they often go on to become great heroes...
or villains.

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