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AABN:  13151
Title: a book titled "The Lesser Giants"

This large book has a leather-bound cover with a large palm print embossed
in the leather. It contains several full-page illustrations of various
large humanoid monsters. On the page opposite of each drawing is blocky
Dwarrow script describing the creature depicted:

"Ogre - These broad, squat giants are believed to be descended from matings
between smaller giants and orcs. The typical ogre stands between eight and
twelve feet tall and is nearly as wide. They tend to be fat but very
muscular. Ogres may or may not have hair on their heads, but they always
have coarse body hair. They are typically found in hilly regions, but also
have been known to dwell in forests, mountains, deserts and even deep
underground. To say they are not bright is an understatement. While
physically resilient, they have difficulty resisting curses, illusions and
other non-elemental magic. They rarely dwell in groups larger than a mated
pair with children, but ogres may be found as part of orc, goblin and even
giant tribes. Unwise humans sometimes employ them as mercenaries, but they
require a firm hand and tight supervision to stay on task and remain

"Ettins - these giants strongly resemble ogres, but are taller and have two
smaller heads. There are no known ettin tribes. They are typically found
living amongst ogres. As multiple births are common with ogres, the general
consensus of our scholars is that ettins are a form of conjoined twin. A
less popular theory proposes they are magically engineered somehow by
savage magic workers, but there is no evidence of this. Given their
superior size, ettins often rise to prominence in the orc and goblin tribes
with resident ogres, in which they are found, serving as elite guards and
warriors. Some ettins are found wandering on their own. Sometimes these can
be bought or bribed to serve as mercenaries, but more often they are hungry
and hostile."

"Orog - Orogs are the children of orcs and ogres. They typically favor
their ogre parent in size, skin tone and physique, but are not quite as
large and powerful. They are more socialable then ogres, and are more
likely to take obligations as mercenaries and even soldiers seriously. They
have no society of their own. They are generally found in orc tribes or
working as soldiers of fortune."

"Troll - It is said there as many breeds of troll as there are forests,
caves and hills in the world. Trolls are strange giants indeed. They appear
to be descended from smaller giants and fairies given how fairy-bane
weapons react to them, though they may not all be directly related. Some
trolls have elemental associations. For example, crag trolls, obsidian
trolls, cave trolls, stone trolls and mountain trolls have stony hides and
a clear affinity for earth. Though they come in many forms, they share a
few common traits. They tend to be lanky, with long arms and shorter legs.
They have pronounced noses and males usually have tusks. They regenerate
quickly, and can regrow limbs and organs. Most trolls are vulnerable to
fire, and it is the best way to counter the speed of their healing."

"Oni - These strange giants have mixed bloodlines, blending orcs, giants
and ogres together. They resemble powerfully muscular humans, standing
between eight and fourteen feet tall. They typically have dark hair, black
eyes with brightly colored pupils, tusks and short, bull-like horns. Their
skin can be nearly any color, and may have a stone-like or metallic luster.
They are rare, and are usually skilled in magic and martial arts. Oni are
the only giant-kind not normally antgonistic to dwarves. In fact, the
Sensei of the Jade Mountain Monastery, an oni, help to broker peace between
Khal-Uktar and our human neighbors."

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