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AABN:  13774
Title: a book entitled "Magus Novum III: Evocations"

The core of mage spellcraft involves swift, focused summoning of elemental
energy. These spells are sometimes called evocations. They all involve the
creation of a tiny, nearly instantaneous portal. The energy or materials
that are pulled through are shaped and directed by the caster. Most of
these spells are used to lash out and injure opponents. There are four
major types of energy that are commonly used in evocations: fire, cold,
lightning and crystal.

Fire and lightning are the simplest elements to evoke -- a tiny portal is
cracked open to the plane of elemental fire or lightning and the energy
that bursts through is shaped and directed at a target.

Ice and cold are more difficult to conjure. They require increased time and
energy for the summoned water to freeze into the desired shape. Some of
these evocations, such as cone of cold and chill touch, use super-chilled
water vapor instead of solid ice to cause harm.

Crystal is the most difficult of the elemental disciplines to evoke. When
crystal is conjured, it is a thick liquid. It quickly sets into a unified
crystalline matrix, so it must be shaped swiftly. The resulting material is
relatively lightweight, but is still much heavier than conjured ice, fire
or lightning.

There are several variations of evocations spells that have longer lasting
effects. Cold spells can create long-lasting structures of ice, such as
walls, spikes and prisons. The fireweb spell causes flames to cling to the
target for a short period of time. It is rumored that the ancient
Wizard-King of Q'thelas, Rassu Od, was particularly adept at fireweb, and
could even cause the flames to blaze anew with little effort. The fire and
ice shield spells each create a shell of elemental energy around the caster
that can last for hours, helping cancel out damage from ice and fire spells
used against the target. The ground spell traps a layer of enchanted
particles around the target that helps shunt lightning, both magical and
natural, away from the body. The crystal coat spell creates a layer of
crystal over objects or creatures to help protect them from harm. Crystal
evocations can also be used to create temporary shields, spears, lights and

The most intense class of evocations is called channel casting. This
involves the use of adapting elemental formulaes with glyphic runes. The
runes help direct and shape the conjured energy or matter. Channel casting
takes more time and concentration, leaving the caster more vulnerable to
attacks. It is best used when a mage has bodyguards or summoned elementals
to protect him.

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