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AABN:  13783
Title: The Necromarcanorum Volume IV: Ghouls

 This scroll is made from black leather, rolled around a waxed rod of
darkwood. The text is large and blocky, written with dense white chalk that
is sealed into the leather:

"Ghouls spontaneously arise from the corpses of bloodthirsty men --
murderers, sadists, rapists and cannibals. They are similar to zombies,
though leaner and more bestial. They have claws and long, sharp teeth. Many
exude toxins that weaken prey. Many purposefully seek sick creatures to
prey upon.

The most common ritual for artificially creating a ghoul from a preserved
corpse involves removing its heart, liver or one of the kidneys and placing
it in the mouth of the corpse. During the animation process, the corpse
devours its own organ, instilling the newly created ghoul with a hunger for
flesh. These ghouls often have special enchantments that allow them to
attack non-corporeal creatures as well.

Ghouls that are possessed by a demonic spirit are generally known as

A special variant of ghouls arises among the races of djinni found on the
material plane. These evil creatures, known as ghuls, retain many of the
memories and abilities they had a in life, though they possess the rabid
disposition and hunger of lesser ghouls.

A stronger type of ghoul has been reported, known as blood ghouls. These
are in form, appearance and behavior like regular ghouls, however they are
much more powerful and they feed on blood instead of flesh." 

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