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AABN:  13790
Title: The Necromarcanorum Volume XI: Shadowmancy

 This scroll is made from black leather, rolled around a waxed rod of
darkwood. The text is large and blocky, written with dense white chalk that
is sealed into the leather:

"Shadowmancy is a subset of necromancy that involves the limited use of
shadow  magic. In modern times, most shadow magic is practiced by thieves.
However, the art was originally developed by the demons that colonized the
plane of elemental darkness, who passed on these skills to mortals.

In modern necromancy, only a few shadowmantic rituals remain. One such
ritual involves the summoning of shadow fiends. These wraiths were once
full-fledged demons. However, they overextended themselves by practicing
shadow magic too often, and lost their physical forms. They became
remarkably resistant to magic, as well as difficult to harm with physical
attacks. They cannot, however, be healed by divine magic. Like other
demons, they accept soulstones in exchange for their services.

Another instance of shadowmancy is the ritual used to create sun-resistant
vampires. A corpse is prepared and drained of blood, then soulstones are
infused into it. The lifeforce from the soulstones is used to bind shadow
magic to the body before it is raised. The resulting vampire is not harmed
by ambient levels of sunlight, and, if slain, will revert to a shadow
instead of being destroyed. After a short while as a shadow, the vampire
will regain its shape.

Some consider some of the "spectral rot" spells to be remnants of shadow
magic within modern necromantic practices. In reality, only the fear spell
has any connection with shadow magic, and that association is tenuous at

Necromancers that practice the arts of stealth and the shadow disciplines
specifically often rightly call themselves shadowmancers.

A very few necromancers worship the Demon Lords that once ruled the plane
of elemental darkness. They summon and consort with the demonic followers
of these demon gods. These cultic "shadowmancers" are often dangerously
violent, having been driven mad by contact with such sinister entities." 

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