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AABN:  14514
Title: a quayle soup recipe

Brothers Quayle Soup
1 - quayle, small to mid sized, cleaned
1/4 pound - Trog's Hair mushrooms
2 tsp - dried tree moss, Lendil's Rot if possible
1 clump - witches' hair
1 small potato
1 carrot
1 mild rhubarb stalk

Cut the meat off the bird as best you can.  Pull out all the little bones,
but make sure you leave at least one fairly large bone (broken in half) for
flavor.  Add to pot with half a gallon of water.  Crush moss into powder, and
add to pot.

Slice up carrot, potato, and mushrooms, add to pot. Add witches hair.  Don't
cut it apart - it will eventually break up on its own, and this is how you
know the soup is done.

Bring soup to a boil for approximately one hour.

After the first hour, add the rhubarb stalk (cut the leaf off).  Let stalk
boil with the soup for 15 minutes, then fish it out and throw it away.

When witches' hair fully breaks up, it's done cooking.  The soup can be kept
warm or hot for several days without losing flavor.

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