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Note - as with any topic, researchers should question the reliability
and veracity of these texts.  The library's aim is to preserve
documents, not verify accuracy.

AABN:  14641
Title: a dusty old manuscript

It's an ancient manuscript, the equivalent of a research paper.  The
topic seems to be magical 'leylines', which is the name given to 
magical conduits through the earth between highly magical areas.

The paper claims to have found and analyzed several of these leylines,
but the maps and locations are extremely old and don't really match any
terrain you're familiar with.  The techniques used are also strange,
involving boring holes in the ground and channeling lightning to  track
the location of the lines.

While all this sounds interesting, not much of it matches up with your
own understanding and magical training - this kind of 'leyline' wasn't
mentioned, and certainly isn't a big part of modern spellcasting. 
You're  not even aware of any large structures or projects with make
use of them, bringing the topic of this paper into serious doubt.

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