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AABN:  15422
Title: a rune-covered tome

The cover of this small tome is a dark leather, engraved on all sides with
small unfamiliar runes. As you put both hands on the cover and open it,
the slightly recessed carvings shimmer... And the runes become legible to

 "Before Light, there was Dark. Before Order, there was Chaos. As They
existed before, so shall They exist after. All things return to the
Darkness from which They sprung. Order is simply a futile Mortal attempt
to rationalize and make sense of that which is beyond Their ken. It is the
place of Mortalkind to follow, simply and obediently. Know Understanding
of this simple Truth and know Understanding of both Life and Death. For
this is what We represent. And We are the Darkness and Chaos that has been
and will be Eternal, even beyond the foolish Youngling Gods who would lay
claim to what is Ours and Ours alone. Know these things and Understand."

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