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AABN:  15423
Title: a small hide-covered diary

A small book, bound in a rough dark-colored leather. The pages are made
from some sort of vellum. About two-thirds of the pages are missing from
the book, and the remaining few seem to be some sort of diary. As you
ponder the runes inscribed on the pages, they shimmer momentarily and
become legible....

Toorus, 1st of Sooreeun, 4138th Year of Her Divine Highness Piralia's

This morning we have finally graduated from Academy! I made my highest
marks in the Guild of Fighters, as I have every year, and won myself the
prestigious post of Lieutenant of the Lake Guard. And if not for my dear
friends, Zane'eril and Unguthel, I would have been top of our class.
Zane, my closest friend, bastard son of a human wench, but Chosen by the
And Unguthel, whose mother chose a day elf slave as a consort, nearly my
equal with martial weapons and an extremely accomplished student of
wizardry, as well.
Zane, as in years past, won out Top of Class honors. Hard to argue against
the Nameless One's Blessing, and all the arcane and physical power that
Blessing bears. That Blessing also guaranteed his position with the
dreaded Home Guard, Her Divine Highness' personal agents.
Unguthel, also, won himself that honor. But what else could one expect
from a magery student that bested all his instructors with nothing more
than an apprentice's spellbook and his wits?
Ah, we can't all be the best, now. But that won't stop me from winning
myself honor equal to theirs. I wouldn't be a proper night elf if I

Maerus, 2nd of Sooreun, 4138th Year of Her Divine Highness Piralia's Reign

I find it difficult to remember anything of last night's festivities, but
I doubt any of us do. I do, however, remember today's activities, though I
wish otherwise.
The training officers call it 'Hell'. That's likely an understatementif
this first day was any indication. Lake Guard Officer Training is said to
be the most arduous and trying of the entire National Armies. I have to
I wonder about Zane and Unguthel. My cousin in the Gate Guards says they
left west early this morning, before the Gates were to be opened, and in
the company of a Half-Dragon, of all things! What would they possibly be
doing going WEST into the Border Territories with one of the Hounds of the
Nameless?! Especially in their first day of Guardianship? Well, to
question Her Divinity's judgement, even in secret thought, is no way to
start my career, so I will trust in Her judgement and my friends' skill to
carry them home.

Sounimus, 5th of Sooreeun, 4138th Year of Her Divine Highness Piralia's

Word of my friends, at last, although it could have come in a better
manner. My platoon is to be deployed today, in the company of a full
battalion of mixed infantry and aerial troops, to the West, with orders to
destroy any and all Dwarves we encounter, with secondary orders to 'assist
and protect a small company of Home Guards, less than five in number, if
we should encounter them.'
No time for further thought, the Mustering Bell is sounding!

Naleerus, 10th of Sooreun, 4138th Year of Her Divine Highness Piralia's

What a dreary and harrowing return. We marched halfway to the day elf
forests, scant ten leagues from the Gates of Morandus, and the tens of
thousands of Dwarves housed in their capitol city. And they knew we were
They ambushed us early on our second day west. The attacks were quick,
brutal, and short. Nothing too crazy. Not until we found our fugitive
Guardians. Then we were attacked by entire battalions of rabid Dwarves.
But we DID have the top three Academy graduates, a powerful Hound, and
over 100 Dwarf-hating Night Elven warriors. Zane and Unguthel refuse to
speak of their 'errand,' as they called it, and the Half-Dragon is simply
too intimidating to question, but they had a small Day Elf boy with

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