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AABN:  16020
Title: a book entitled, 'The Six Pillars of Druidic Magic'

The Six Pillars of Druidic Magic, by Ytinasni the priest of Vember

Basic druidic magic was organized early in the Age of Creation and
dispensed to mortal creatures via a simple primer written by the gods Heart
and Vember.  These original druidic disciplines were lost during the Age of
Chaos, but they were later restored by Dentin centuries later.

This treatise strives to recreate the original primer and update it with
pertinent information relating to the teaching of modern druidic

The six pillars of druid magic are:

Air - This sphere of druid spells influences the wind, the weather and at
higher levels nearby atmospheric conditions.  In later years, the spells
dealing with the complex manipulation of weather were split off into its
own group of spells.

Water - This sphere of druid spells permits the druid the ability to travel
through and move water.  Nowadays, these spells are taught alongside the
druid earth spells as part of the same group.

Earth - This sphere of druid magic involves direct manipulation of nearby
dirt, sand or rock.  Much of the emphasis of this group is placed on
defense and using the nearby earth to protect oneself.

Sun - The are spells requiring the use of sunlight which is bottled in
specially prepared vessels.

Animal - This are magic abilities that grant a druid the means of calling,
calming or dismissing animals.

Plant - A druid's ability to grow and manipulate live plants are
represented in this sphere of druid magic.  This plant can be used to
attack, heal or enhance a druid's body.  Salves and tinctures are derived
from plant magic, although these are usually taught as separate schools of
spells in modern times.

(The treatise goes on to explain every absurd detail about every spell in
each sphere, so much so that you nearly fall asleep trying to read it.)

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