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AABN:  16021
Title: a book entitled, 'Clients of the Kingdom of Avalon'

Clients of the Kingdom of Avalon, by Rephinati, High Priest of Xandar

This is a gazetteer of the various client villages of the Kingdom of

At the center of the Kingdom of Avalon is a wide mound called Avalon Hill. 
Near the top of this hill is Castle Avalon.  This castle was once the site
of a large city, but the city of Avalon was destroyed by an earthquake. 
Only the castle was rebuilt.  The castle is the seat of the Avalonian
government and home of the Queen.

A short distance to the west is the hamlet of Staffordshire.  Staffordshire
is the residence of many of the castle's staff and servants who do not
lodge in the castle itself, and it is also home for a lot of families who
have members serving the Avalonian military.

South of Castle Avalon is the village of Corinium.  Corinium is surrounded
by the Broceliande Forest, which covers most of Avalon Hill.  Corinium is
ruled by the lord of Castle Camelot, which is a short distance to the east
of the village.

Even further south on the shores of the Southern Ocean is the village of
Orton.  Orton is governed by a locally elected mayor.

A short distance east of Orton, roughly southeast of Castle Avalon, is the
small fishing village of Land's End, which sits at the end (or the
beginning, depending on your point-of-view) of the Great Southern Road. 
Land's End is ruled by the lord of Castle Perilous, which is northwest of
the village, further up the hill.

Due east of Castle Avalon is the village of Ransom in the province of
Cornia.  The Great Southern Road passes through the village, and it is a
popular stop for travelers.

The village of Florin marks the northern border of the kingdom, south of
Nakato's Valley and west of the Great Southern Road.  The village gets its
name from the fertile land south of it called the Fields of Florin.  The
lord of Florin lives in a castle west of the village that also bears the
same name, called Castle Florin.

Northwest of Castle Avalon is the ancient village of Stoke-on-the-Mound. 
The village was once the home of the servants of Thendulomassar, the Stone

Far to the northwest, beyond the Midlands where the Forest of Tirgoth and
the Florin-Verian Flowage meet is the village of Mercia.  Mercia was an
independent city-state before becoming a client of the Kingdom of Avalon.

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