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AABN:  16024
Title: a book entitled, 'The Duchy of Feiran'

The Duchy of Feiran, by Rephinati, High Priest of Xandar

The city of Feiran was one of many human city-states that sprung up in the
latter years of the Age of Chaos.  Feiran was located in the center of the
fertile plains between the desert city of Linholt and the province of
Cornia.  The original inhabitants were from Ralnoth, and the city's
population increased rapidly as the city rose in strength.

Although Feiran did grow some crops, they were primarily a merchant power. 
Feiran did not produce much in the way of goods themselves, but they did
move a great deal of commodities.  The city was situated near the Great
Southern Road and thus poised to become a huge trading partner.

Feiran was the midway point for merchants traveling between Daigaku-Tatami
and Ralnoth.  This enabled them to become wealthy very quickly, but the
fortune went to their heads.  The dukes of Feiran imposed increasingly
burdensome taxes and tariffs on trade caravans, so much so that traders
began to look elsewhere to travel.

Gradually, trade shifted away from Feiran toward Avalon and Cornia, and the
power and prestige of the dukes of Feiran waned as the Reign of Dentin
progressed.  The Duchy attempted to regain some of their former glory by
waging war against the Rubicon Principality, but all the Feiranese managed
to do was lose control of the Green River bridge to the Rubicons.

Soon after this humiliating defeat, the Duchy of Feiran came to a sudden
halt when the city suffered a terrible magic catastrophe that to this day
is a complete mystery.  All that remains accessible is the topiary of
Castle Feiran, which is a sort of proving ground for up-and-coming
adventurers.  The various garden statues are animated and regenerate soon
after being destroyed and thus are ideal for combat practice.

The legacy of the Duchy of Feiran lives on today embodied in the 'astral
bridge' spell, which is credited to have been originally researched and
developed by Feiranese wizards.

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