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AABN:  16025
Title: a book entitled, 'The Blood of Byung'

The Blood of Byung, by Fogonero the Red Mage

During the Age of Chaos, deity fought against deity and god warred against
god.  One such battle is the ill-fated encounter of the deities Byung,
goddess of blood and Talos, god of destruction.  Talos fought to bring the
rebellious goddess to heel, and he was successful.  During their epic
struggle, the blood of the goddess was split and fell across the world. 
These drops of blood stained the stone the fell upon, and hence we have the
legend of the mineral known today as bloodstone.

Bloodstone, also known by its more scientific moniker of heliotrope, is a
green stone with red inclusions.  It is quartz-like and resembles
chalcedony.  The inclusions, colloquially called blood spots, are actually
iron oxide or, more rarely, red jasper.  Sometimes the inclusions are
tiger's eye and are more yellow than red.

Bloodstone is said to retain a tiny fraction of the essence of the vampire
goddess, and necromancers eagerly seek it out, claiming it to be a source
of necromantic power that enhances their ability to perform blood magic and
raise vampires.

Bloodstone is rarely mined in modern times, but it can be found in small
deposits across the continent of Ramanek and also deep underground around
the Dark Forest South and the Great Southern Desert.

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