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AABN:  16029
Title: An Overview of Odonotology

An Overview of Odontology, the Study of Dental Magic

from the abridged writings of Gisco the Necromancer

Sages and scholars have speculated over the years as to the purpose of the
peculiar magical properties found in dentine, or tooth enamel.  Many myths
abound regarding the obvious link between the creator god Dentin and the
ivory substance that bears his name, and it is said that a tiny residue of
the god's power can be found in every tooth.

Whatever its origins, dentine's magical properties are well-documented. 
Dentine's molecular structure changes when extracted from the jaw of a
recently-slain being and retains a modicum of the animateness or life force
of the creature.  This harvested dentine becomes sclerotic when exposed to
mana.  A necromancer can use the structure of a standard invocation to mold
expanded dentine into a desired shape by way of expending mana.  Expanded
dentine becomes as hard as bone, although it is porous and can be c rushed
more easily that natural bone.

Ordinary teeth are suitable for inanimate constructs, such as weapons,
armor, containers, or even small structures.  The life force that holds
these constructs slowly escapes until the form can no longer be maintained,
after which the construct falls apart.

Worth special mention are the teeth of draconic creatures.  A residual
portion of the majesty and power dragons is retained within their teeth
after they expire, and, as such, they make a superior medium for dental
magic.  These dragon teeth can be used to create animated bone servants of
infinite duration, ranging from simple skeletal warriors to colossal bone

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