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AABN:  16036
Title: a book entitled, 'Catalog of Scototropisms'

A Catalog of Scototropisms

Disciplines of Shadow Channeling

by Tarrant, minion of Squeak

Cloak: This is the entry-level discipline where a thief channels shadows
and makes them manifest around himself, concealing his body with darkness.

Bind: A thief pins someone's shadow using a channeled stake.  This tethers
the target to a certain spot, and the victim cannot move beyond the
perimeter of his shadow so long as it is bound.

Blades: Solid objects are created using shadow channeling.  A thief can put
an edge on them and use these objects as throwing weapons.

Strike: A thief can channel shadow through his weapon, insert it into his
own shadow and cause it attack his opponent through the opponent's shadow.

Decoy: Doll-like apparitions of the channeler are created and attempt to
take the thief's place in battle.  They are realistic enough to confuse
opponents, thus causing them to strike the decoys instead of the channeler.

Fright: A thief can channel shadow and make it manifest in terrifying
images, causing onlookers to flee in fear.

Walk: A thief uses this discipline to enter into a shadow and exit another
a short distance away.  The thief is completely safe from attack or
detection while thus traveling.

Asylum: A thief creates his own safe haven within the shadows to rest and
recuperate.  The asylum is completely inaccessible by others.

Clone: A life-like decoy can be created that perfectly emulates the
physical appearance of the channeler and can act independently.  This is a
very advanced discipline.

Puppet: With this technique, a thief can control the physical actions of
someone that is already shadow bound, causing him to mimic the channeler's
movement.  This is a very advanced discipline.

Body: A thief can cause his body to become like shadow, thus rendering him
immune to physical attacks.  This is an extremely advanced discipline.

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