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AABN:  16038
Title: a book titled "A Brief History of Terracotta Soldiery"

This dense tome is coated with dried clay.

Within its musty pages are detailed instructions on how to make a unique
form of golem from clay. The original terracotta constructs were made by
dragons and hardened in dragonfire. Armies of them were made to assist
early Suborian colonists fight the drow. Today, these constructs are made
piece by piece, fired in kilns, painted and painstakingly assembled.

The incantations of animating the constructs using bound elementals is
written in kanji script and is difficult to decipher.

There is an entire chapter devoted to the tomb of Shenlong, the first
Dragon Emperor of Suboria. It is said he transcended his mortal form and
ascended to the heavens. The belongings he left behind were enshrined in a
vast tomb in Ishi Province, guarded by dozens of terracotta warriors of
many forms. The tomb complex is a sprawling tunnel, with a clever network
of shafts providing fresh air even deep underground.

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