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AABN:  16040
Title: a book titled 'The Menace of the Light'

How mighty and benevolent they are, the Luami! Children of Light! Dwellers
in Luam, brightest of all! They drive the scourge of demons back across
Chaos, to the Scarlet Fields and the Deadworlds from whence they rose. All
hail the bringers of Order and Peace!

But... what if it were all a lie? For there are questions that need
answering. "Where are the Diurnans?" That is a good question. The Luami,
with their perfect society of Choirs, serving the gods, have spread their
civilization across the Planes of Light. But what became of their brethren
in noonlit Diurnas?

The answer is simple: they are no more. Conquered and assimilated, their
plane was colonized by the High Angels, the Luami. The Diuranans joined
their Choirs, or perished. Indeed, they press forward. Many of the matinals
of Crepuscula flock to their banner, but those that do not, the ones that
follow their ancient primal ways, are branded barbarians, heretics, even

Lo, even the vespers of Purnima are not safe from the Luami's predations.
The Archangel Selene is said to be organizing a Choir amongst the vesper
tribes there. She even recruits mortals who bear the Gift of Ils, twisting
and corrupting it to her will. And most assuredly did the Luami plant the
City of Fonts in Purnima as an outpost to spy upon neighboring Chaos.

You have your doubts, I'm sure. But ask yourself - what of the Inquisition?
This Choir of angels, supposedly dedicated to Dowart's justice, is pledged
to root out corruption. They cast out those that do not adhere to their
standards, banishing them to Purnima as vespers. They even entangle mortals
in their affairs, recruiting them to hunt down teraphim and wayfaring
demons that stray too close to their borders.

Most importantly: if they are justice, why are they masked? If they are
righteous, why do the inquisitors hide their faces? Why do they operate
like thieves in the night? Why do they hide? Who holds them accountable, if
their identities are not known?

That, my friends, is why you should doubt their intentions. For the Luami
smile sadly and softly ask your repentance, but then send out vile, masked
brigands to assassinate those that do not comply with their demands,
however gently spoken.

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