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AABN:  16105
Title: a journal

Entry 1      I've done what we all dream of.  I assumed the form of a
young and charismatic human, and came to a dwarven civilization torn
by civil war.  Two political factions within the dwarven society were
warring over a move, due to an encroaching army of dark elves.  One
group wanted to move to the volcano which they called "Redspire", but
the king deemed this place inhospitable.

Entry 2      I forced the leader of the group of dwarves who wanted
to move to the volcano to go mad, and he attacked the king.  The
kings guards slew him, and I took over leadership of the rebellious
group of dwarves.  There was easily fifty of the short, stocky
humanoids.  The power I would command with fifty stout souls to feed
my hunger!

Entry 3      I've lead the group to a small network of caverns that
are an offshoot of a dormant lava tube.  The poor things are
sickening and dying from the heat, which I find rather comfortable. 
I will keep the stout little creatures here for as long as it takes
their numbers to reach at least one hundred, then I will lead them
into the darkness...

Entry 4      The fools still hold onto their belief that they were
right in leaving, and the ignorant beings actually think that they
thought of it!  I recently summoned a minor imp named Nalbereth to
scout for me, and he reported that the dark elf army was merely
passing, and that the original dwarven city has prospered in the past

Entry 5      As the dwarves young ones are born, their skin continues
to take a darker hue with each generation, and their tolerance for
the heat has increased considerably, but the fires of Redspire cannot
compare to the fires of my wrath, which was displayed when a group of
adventurers stumbled upon our little village.  I convinced the rest
that they were demons sent in human forms, and I dispatched them, and
threw them in a newly built prison.

Entry 6       Today I go to oversee the construction of a tunnel to
the surface that the dwarves are undertaking.  I will humor them for
now, but I will kill the whole settlement once they reach the
surface.  And with my new power I'll summon a horde to march upon the
World Above.

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