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AABN:  20529
Title: a translated manuscript

Most of the book turned out to be unreadable, or at least untranslatable,
but there were a few very important passages that were translated..."All
things in this universe are made from four elements: fire, water, air, and
earth, and bound by a fifth element...ether (also called akasha by
alchemists). Ether binds all things. It is the principle mover of magic and
binds all spells grounded to the material world. It is said
stops here. Maybe he didn't know what it was saying. It goes on a little
farther in the book again..."The astral plane is endless, always changing,
constant, immortal, and extremely dangerous. Those who travel there must
beware not only the immense size, but sometimes there are spirits and
beings that wander who have been trapped or lost or protect what they think
is their's, they become aggressive to outsiders, and other spirits...." It
goes on a few pages later: "Fire and lightning are known to be the
destructive elements while water and earth are considered to be the
elements of creation" ... "An ancient legend talks about a brave hero who
received a symbol of creation as he strengthened a cherub's power" ... "The
cherub is an ancient symbol of harvest, of the ground and the rain, while
the seraph stands for the thunderstorms and" ... The next sentence turns
out to be unreadable . "Only the neutral, who carry a symbol of destruction
and a symbol of creation are able to pass" ... Again it stops and doesn't
go on. It sounds like it could mean something, you ARE trapped inside a
giant maze bound by magic that seems to be bound by the earth, who knows
maybe you could work that to your advantage. 

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