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Note - as with any topic, researchers should question the reliability
and veracity of these texts.  The library's aim is to preserve
documents, not verify accuracy.

AABN:  21591
Title: a manual of puissant skill at arms

This is a thick tome bound with leather and a button-hole latch.  Upon
perusing its contents, it is immediately evident that powerful magic has
gone into creating this tome.  The pages thereof are perfectly preserved,
without any discoloration or tearing whatsoever.  Furthermore, when a page
is turned, the writing on the next page looks like an undecipherable
cursive, but it quickly rearranges itself into an easy-to-read print in
your primary language.

This book provides scholarly study of highly advanced warrior skills sets. 
The text compares and combines these techniques with more underhanded ones
and even with a little magic, blending them seamlessly together.  The
expert advice appears to be highly effective, but it will definitely take
effort to memorize and practice the techniques discussed therein.

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