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AABN:  27324
Title: a book entitled, 'Ancient Quelese Lore'

The ancient Quelese were a race of half-elven, half-human people who
established an empire after the fall of the ancient pyramid-building
giants.  In their heyday, they ruled the eastern half of the continent of
Atmir.  The ancient Quelese ruled their empire from the city of Q'Thelas.

The ancient Quelese have left ruins scattered around the K'tinga River
Valley, the Dunn Hurr, the Ash Mountains and other regions that were once
under the dominion of their empire.  These underground sites can prove
deadly for adventurers, hiding such dangers as traps, monsters, undead, and
criminals. Their cities were amazing feats of architecture ranging from
small settlements to gigantic, labyrinth-like metropolises shaped out of
whitish rock.

They also seem to have had a firm grasp of the magical arts, as many of
their ruins contain artifact filled with magical essences that gave them
their power.  They were also particularly good at enchantments, necromancy
and golemcraft. 

The ancient Quelese Empire came to an end when their capitol was destroyed
during the Great Wars.  Only a few of their descendents survived the
slaughter, and these migrated to the isle of Q'Inag to start their
civilization anew.  The ancient Quelese legacy is reborn with the rise of
the Naginag Combine.

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