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AABN:  277
Title: a weathered journal

This journal probably isn't very old, but it is badly damaged from water.
Only the last few entries are legible:

Day 34

My studies at the Guild are tedious, but after months of training in
animation spells we are finally moving on to basic demonology and spirit
lore! I've been practicing diagrams and spell formulae for summonings since
I was a child. This is what I've been waiting for!

Day 35

The Guildmaster was so impressed with my summoning diagrams that he agreed
to give me private tutelage after class today! He is going to teach me how
to summon a demon familiar! At last, I'll be testing out the limits of the
Unified Accords with my theories. I'm certain I will learn the basics and
be on to my own research in a few days. I have something special planned.

Day 36

My first try! I summoned a young oltrid on my very first try! The little
horned fiend did my bidding to the letter. The Guildmaster seemed very
pleased at my success. After reviewing the stipulations of the Accords, he
agreed to let me do private summonings unsupervised, as long as I did them
in a secluded location. He gave me eight red soulstones to use. I have my
own plans, however.

Day 37

I have everything ready. In brief, I found an old tomb beneath the Arbor
Cliffs east of town. I've seen an animated skeleton walking about, but I
was able to repel it using coldfire. I have the summoning circle set up,
but I'm going to do something special. I procured an orb of lapis lazuli
from a friend of mine that knows some lapidary. In the dark, it is a
reasonable approximation of a deep blue soulstone. I intend to summon a
great demon for consultation. Ixillia is a likely candiate. This is a more
advanced technique than I've tried before, but if it works, I will unlock
new possibilities in demonic research. If it fails, well the terms of the
Accords prevent demons from harming those that summon them. At the very
least, I can claim an honest mistake and try bargain with the lesser
soulstones. I will, of course, document the results in tomorrow's entry.
Wish me luck!

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