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AABN:  28650
Title: a book titled "Rocks, a Collection"

"Rocks, a Collection" by M.P.

Dedicated to Boulder.


My first poem was about rocks. I wrote more poems.

They're all about rocks:


My heart, it is gray
like rocks.
Because my heart
is a rock.
A rock has no heart
because it is a rock.
Even heartstone.
I like rocks.
Rocks do not like me.
Because they have no hearts.


Quartz, it is clear
except when contaminated.
Then it can be nearly any color.
Amethyest, Citrine, Vermarine
to name a few.
Purity is dull.
Dirty is a rainbow.
A rainbow of rocks.


Granite is not gneiss,
but it is nice.
Made of many minerals,
mica flakes, feldspar slivers, quartz chunks.
A community of lava
frozen in time.


Ode to a Weathered Copper Deposit

Malachite, green and worn
flecked with azurite
marks the spot.
Beneath, chalcopyrite and bornite,
mixed with iron, unpure,
but many-hued, an unfaithful peacock.
Tetrahedrite, dull worn cubes.
A liar, gold when cleaned,
but bereft of the precious metal.
Cuprite crystals, glistening orange
deep beneath earth,
hiding the pure metal.
Copper is not a rock.
This poem is not about you.


Rocks. They are hard.
Water. It is not hard.
But it polishes the pebbles,
leaves them smooth and clean.
Time is all it takes.


Igneous Extrusive.
Igneous Plutonic.
These are types of rocks.


Lamentation for Eroded Sandstone

Sandstone. Sedimentary.
Layered by time.
Pressed down underground,
to become quartzite.
Left alone on the surface,
sand carried by the wind
wears it down.
Sand. A cannibal.
Eating its own kind.


Greenstone is not always green.
Greenockite is never green.
Why are they called green?


Adamantite is not a metal.
It is a rock.
You smelt it to get adamantium,
which is a metal.
It is brittle.
Alloyed with steel,
it is adamantine.
Which is not a rock either,
so I'll stop now.


Diamond. The hardest of all rocks.
Graphite. One of the softest.
Both are made from carbon.
I find that odd.
Diamond, gaudy and brilliant.
Graphite, dull and gray.
I like gray.

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