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AABN:  30090
Title: a book titled 'Gothos, the Eternal Beacon'

High over the world whirls a globe of stone known as Gothos. Lit by the
fires of the sun, it reflects her light down both night and day. The hound
of Fikh, Gothos heralds the tides and is bound intimately to the feminine

Gothos is a great teacher. From its turning, men first devised that it, and
the land under which they stood, was a great sphere. From measuring its
cycles in relationship to the sun, it was further learned that the world
circled it rather than the other way around. Druids can harness the light
of Gothos to enhance potions and other brews.

Lycanthropes learned to use its power to transform their flesh.  And by
imitating the phases of Gothos, necromancers learned to forge blades of the
highest quality into powerful weapons, crescent moon sickles, from bone,
doubled silver and moonstone to cut down errant lycanthropes.

Like the sun, Gothos rises in the east and sets in the west. It can be
navigated by as surely as the sun.

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