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AABN:  31819
Title: a book titled 'The Divided God'

Long ago, when the land of Alter Aeon was still hot, dragons and giants
swarmed over the lands. The elements of Primordial Chaos still congealed
upon its surface, and many strange things were born of its shadows. The
Void condensed, taking form in the realm of shadows, drifting far from the
world but leaving its mark upon it.

The Void waxed full, and birthed the plane of elemental darkness. Demons
and wraiths and goblin-folk were drawn there by the promise of power, but
they fell into shadow. Immortals conspired with Demons, and the Void
presided over a great conspiracy. And Dentin was wroth at this secret
combination creating things without his sanction, and he smote the Void.

The Void buckled, and shards split from it. One cooled and frosted as it
fell, and crashed into Gothos, and when it awoke, it called itself Draak. 
Another streaked across the cosmos and struck the Sun, and when it awoke it
became a thing of smoke and embers, Shadowfax, the Dark Flame. Betwixt the
two a sliver of the Void drifted gently down upon Alter Aeon, and was
manifested in a mortal Man, a disciple of Squeak, god of night. His
humanity departed from him, and he became a thing of Hunger, Tarrant the
Hunter, the ever-living.

And Draak served Dentin and was well-pleased in his service. Shadowfax
strove alongside the Evil Immortals, and was humbled in defeat, and came to
serve Dentin also. But Tarrant was ever faithful to the Lord of Night, and
serves him to this day.

So thus is the secret of the Divided God, known to few.

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