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AABN:  31840
Title: a book entitled 'Polymorphing and Shapechanging'

Polymorphing refers to magical abilities that alter the shape, form or
physiology of living creatures.

Polymorphing through spellcasting is considered to be impossible. The sheer
number of changes that are needed and the protection of the vital functions
of the transforming creature would require the ability to concentrate on
minute details being done on one's own body in real time, or it would
require a staggering amount of information about the subject of the spell.
It would also need an available mana pool far deeper than that of any
mortal creature.

There are some conditions, such as vampirism and lycanthropy, that cause
physiological changes that are at least partially voluntary, but these
involve changing between set forms and are not free-form shapeshifting. It
is rumored that powerful dragons have mastered the art of polymorphing,
though it is said it requires a long and painful ritual. There are claims
that fairy creatures of various sorts can freely shapeshift, but they may
simply be employing the masterful illusions their kind is known for.

The magics known to mortals that approach the scope of polymorphing are the
beast spells such as brawn and agility. The druid salves of stoneskin and
barkskin could be considered a form of polymorphing, as could tonics such
as sundrinker and trollsblut.

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