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AABN:  31844
Title: a book entitled 'Beacon Stones'

Mysterious artifacts known as beacon stones dot the landscape of the mortal
world. Relic left behind by an older civilization, they serve as points of
travel between this world and extraplanar realms. Individual stones are
stand between six and twenty feet tall. They can be made from nearly any
sort of hard, enduring stone such as granite, obsidian or jade. A few have
a distinct metallic luster.

The stones appear to use spellcraft not unlike the great portals, and they
appear to be about the same age as well. Most believe they were built by
forerunners of giants.

The stones themselves are inert. When examined magically, they are found to
be massive resevoirs of mana. This magic can only be activated by a special
key. When the correct key is used on a beacon stone, it briefly opens a
portal to another plane. Each stone opens a portal to a different location,
and this does not appear to change with time. While beacon stones
themselves cannot be replicated by modern magic, scholars have been
successful crafting new keys for them.

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