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AABN:  31845
Title: a book titled 'The Sacred Annulus'

Imbued with cosmic power, archangels can direct titanic energies to their
tasks. Many of them choose to create a signature tool. Rather than
augmenting their considerable abilities, these tools temper the power of an
archangel, allowing them to perform with more precision, and thus less
collateral damage.

Likewise, lesser angels often wield instruments that sharpen and focus
their powers. One of the most famous of these artifacts was known as the
Sacred Annulus. It was a curious device - a shaped ring of mithril, with a
groove along its outside in which is set an adamantine blade. The ring and
blade run through a curiously wrought handle. The blade is free to spin
within the groove.

It was fashioned in the Dawnforge by the archangel Sandalphon, who dipped
into the Sea of Rust and blessed it. It was gifted to a fiery redeemer of
the Inquisition, known as Korven. He wielded it in many battles against
demons and teraphim. After many centuries of service, Korven was eligible
for a captaincy. When he was overlooked in favor of another, Korven
abandoned his choir and became himself a vesper, along with a small group
of followers. He carried the Sacred Annulus with him into his self-imposed
exile. Eventually, consumed with jealousy and seduced by the flattery of
Seti Tal, Korven Fell. He served the Evil Immortals during the Great Wars,
still in possession of the Annulus.

When the Great Wars ended, Korven was captured and imprisoned. The Sacred
Annulus, now a symbol of pride and betrayal, was disassembled. Its pieces
were sealed within the temples in the Valley of Sacerdotes.

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