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AABN:  34207
Title: a book entitled "Saints"

This book contains information on several Saints - prominent mortal figures
featured in different religions. Most faiths do not have Saints, and some
Saints are revered across several religions or are even pantheist in

Santa Rita - this mortal follower of Shift, or Cambio as he is known to the
natives of Sloe, is said to have founded the village of Bandera Azul. She
planted a blue flag at the place where her visions guided her to go.

Durham the adventurer - the famous explorer and map-maker was a pivotal
figure in the founding of the Cartographers' Guild. A worshipper of
Grolantor, it is said he explored the whole of the world several times
over, and also traveled to other planes. He met his end when he crossed the
dread necromancer Nar'veraktu, who slew him and cursed his spirit to walk
the world forever. However, Grolantor took pity on him and allowed him to
rest, but in exchange portions of his spirit can be called to return to
guide the living, being the origin of the necromancer spell Durham's
guiding spirit.

Pai the Boxer - a Grandmaster of the Order of Harmony and a Battlemaster of
Q'thelas, Saint Pai was one of the defining persons of the Late Archaic
period of Q'thelas. He was known for going into battle bare-handed. Legends
report that he beat a troll to death while naked and weaponless, and broke
an ogre's arm with a single kick. Clerics of Reorx and Islaine both claim
Pai as one of their patrons.

Saint Mordin the White - known by many names, this mercenary turned knight
was said to have been brought back to life by the Archangel Selene to serve
her. He and his companions are best known as the Heroes of Pellam. He
founded the Order of the White Knights, a pantheist organization dedicated
to charitable work and protecting communities.

Tarrant the Hunter - servant of the night, this powerful sorceror was one
of the founders of the clan Lawful Evil. Instead of dying, it is said he
became a vampire or lich, and to further serve his liege Squeak that he was
granted demi-god status.

Thantos the Executioner - his origins are shrouded in mystery, but rumors
claim this powerful servant of Dentin was once a living man, transformed by
some unholy pact, or possibly a broken bargain, into his current state. He
can still be found in Ralnoth, watching over the temple of his master.

Saint Stefen the Unseeing - patron saint of the blind, Saint Stefen was an
adventurer for many years. He was known to patrol the borders of the plane
of darkness, where his blindness was not a hinderance in his battles
against demons.

Saint Malificent - a wicked fairy creature known to haunt the Field of
Fonts, Malificent spent many years amongst mortals. Her demeanor softened
with time, and she was widely regarded as kind and helpful. When she
returned to the Otherworld, she was mourned for many years.

The Colonel - legendary crafter and military tactician, known for his skill
in leading large groups to some of the most dangerous areas in the cosmos.
On the day of the Feast of the Colonel, celebrated on the anniversary of
his passing, it is said that rubbing bacon on wounds will cause them to be
miraculously healed.

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