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AABN:  34208
Title: a book entitled "Saint Mordin of the Eye"

The tale of Mordin of Dunnhurst, Mordin Witchborn, Mordin Seventhson,
Mordin the Hexblade, Mordin of the Eye, Hero of Pellam, Mordin the White,
Mordin Silverlock, Mordin Bright Hound, Mordin the Fortuitous Notary began
long ago. He came forth from Dunnhurst, and witnessed its Rivening when it
was torn from the earth. He lost his mother and father, six brothers and
six uncles also, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son was he. His family gone, he
wandered, seeking purpose.

His heart was heavy with grief, and waxed sore. Fleeing the tumult in the
lands of his youth, he sought refuge in the service of the Lich-King. Here,
he remembered his mother's lessons and strengthened his Eye, his Gift,
feeding it with the anger and sorrow of his loss.

The Lich-King's service grew burdensome, and his heart was troubled. Mordin
traveled far into the west, through the portals to the distant Island of
Sloe, Zulia of Old. His blade found service again, and the might of his Eye
grew. In Vemarken he served well and long as a sellsword, and he earned
much coin.

One fateful day, he was sent forth with companions, bold Kara and guileless
Tess, in service of the Seeker, who in turn served the Keeper. The Sunlight
Staff they brought up from Athuin, ruin of the Gorros. An ancient evil took
note and stretched forth its arm. Mordin and his companions returned to
Vemarken, and lo! Betrayed they were by the very one that sent them forth.
Accused of murder, they sought to clear their names.

Undaunted, Mordin and his companions unraveled a conspiracy that wove
across the face of Sloe. Foe after foe they defeated, laid low by the might
of Mordin's Eye. He spun shadow-stuff, and a dark companion like a barghest
of the Wild Hunt came into his service. Together, they vanquished the
Scourge, and became the Heroes of Pellam. When they heard the tale of woe
from Sienna the Kobold and of his people's suffering, they sallied forth to
free them.

The slaves they freed, when they came near the Gorro's Footprint. Yet at a
grevious cost - Mordin was laid low, by blade and axe. His dark companion
faded from sight, and Tess cried out in anguish. With spell and sword, Kara
and Tess vanquished their foes. Tess cradled Mordin's head in her hands and
begged the gods for his life, and Lo! breath entered him, and his golden
eyes fluttered open. Upon his dark hair a silvery handprint appeared. But
his Eye was closed and refused to open.

Mordin led his band into the ancient ruins unearthed by the slaves, and
found a door upon which was graven the image of the sun. Within were many
chambers, laid with cunning traps. Sarcophagi they found also, filled with
the bones of giants. Deep within, they found the place where the Star had
Fallen. And Fallen Star she was - bright lilim, servant of the Archangel
Selene, she saw the scorn was burned from Mordin's heart, by Tess's love
and her mistress's aid. She laid her hand upon his head and declared him
Mordin the White. A silvery hound appeared at his side, and his Eye, now
re-opened, turned outward, filled with light.

They returned to Vemarken, and the ancient evil confronted them, now risen
to its full height. With a breath full of cinders he cruelly mocked them.
But Mordin answered and said, "I am Mordin Witchborn, Mordin Seventhson,
Mordin the White! Slave-taker! Rust-jaw! Despoiler! The gods have judged
thee and found thee wanting. Turn now from your wickedness and depart in
peace, or I shall meet out their doom upon thee."

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