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AABN:  37343
Title: a book called 'In Search of Yetis'

Yetis are believed to be a variety of ape adapted to survive at high
altitudes. Most are found in the Ash Mountains. Though their appearance
varies from region to region, they generally stand between five and ten
feet tall, with shaggy white hair, long arms, short legs, large feet and
ape-like faces.

Yetis are rumored to be very intelligent, with a rudimentary grasp of
tools. Yetis have been known to throw rocks at intruders in an attempt to
frighten them away. Reports of Yetis speaking a primitive language are not

Yetis are known to be carnivorous. They have powerful jaws and sharp teeth,
and talons on their man-like fingers. They prey upon yaks, mountain sheep,
caribou, bear and other creatures that are found at high altitudes. Yetis
are opportunistic, favoring sick or wounded prey. They are not above
scavenging the kills of other predators. They have even been known to raid
the food stores of sleeping adventurers.

Outside of their natural range, yetis tend to be shy. They prefer to hide,
and if discovered, flee or make noise and throw stones to frighten off
interlopers. Within their territories high in the mountains, they can be
very dangerous. They attack without provocation, and fight to the death.
Often the only warning a traveler has that they are entering yeti territory
are the huge footprints they leave in the snow and the foul odor of their

There have been a few reports of truly giant yeti standing two to three
times the height of a man. There have also been rumors of domesticated
yetis serving as slaves and attack animals. These reports are not

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