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AABN:  37347
Title: a book called "Unraveling the Myth of the Fool's Star"

From ancient times, a certain star has been known to rise in the east for
several weeks, reaching its apex for a few days, before slowly receding
from sight. It is of an irregular shape, with a faintly luminous trailing
tail that points away from the setting sun. This tail can only be seen when
Gothos is not present or less than half full.

With its appearance, strange events are said to unfold. Flesh eating beasts
devour fruit, songbirds sing at night and the strategems of men go awry.
Due to these odd happenings, this celestial anamoly has become known as the
Fool's Star.

Modern astonomers have disproven many of the strange notions regarding the
Fool's Star. Indeed, they have discovered it is not a star at all, but a
small, non-luminous body orbiting the sun at a particular resonant
relationship with our own world so that it appears at regular intervals.
The strange events that coincide with the ascension of the Fool's Star are
probably caused by disturbanes in world-wide magical fields, not unlike the
shifts caused by Drakdrol's approach. It likely has an icy composition, so
that when it approaches close to the sun, it sheds mass as ice sublimates.
This accounts for the Star's visible tail that points away from the sun.

It is likely the Fool's Star is a world not unlike Drakdohl, though quite a
bit smaller. It is seldom depicted in art and literature, for fear of
invoking ill fortune. Curiously, it is customary to give gifts of fish
while the Fool's Star is at its apex. The origin of this tradition is lost
in time, but remains popular.

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