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AABN:  37348
Title: a book called 'Leveling tips'

This rambling tome is rife with spelling errors. It has notes scribbled
in the margins by a physician, who comments on the mental state of the
author. It describes a process called 'leveling', in which different
skillsets are divided into categories called 'classes', which roughly
correspond with some of the major guilds and professions. The following
tips are given for those who have sufficient experience to 'level up' or
gain a higher level:

1) Wisdom effects the number of practices you get per round
2) Intelegance effects the amount of mana get get per level
3) Constitution effects the amount of hp you get per level
4) get these as high as possable to maximize your stats
5) spells are not all that important at lower levels get stats first
6) when choosing spells choose carefull don't get spells just because
they sound good.

In bright red ink a footnote has been written:
In the year 219 of the Reign of Dentin this changed, though few
alive today remember it.  I often find it curious how the rules
that constrain the world have changed over the centuries, and
wish I knew more about how it affected the population.

-Dess Yasook

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