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AABN:  37355
Title: a book called 'Rhug'Guari the Jade Dragon'

Rhu'guari the Jade dragon:

Early in the days of creation, a great sorceress by the name of  Rhug'guari
lived within the town of Ralnoth. As she lived, she  wrote many volumes of
books about her own knowledge of sorcery. Her countless number of years
studying charms and mentallic magic allowed Rhug'guari to perfect her
abilities. But one fateful day as she  was writing her third volume on
magic resistance, she heard a  great noise about the town. By the time she
was able to look  outside, a great plague of horror had befallen the town.
Acting upon will, she prayed to her gods for transportation.  Her jade
bracelet glowed with an intensity that it never had  before, and seconds
later she found herself in a dark temple. 

(A large portion of the text is missing here.)

...her eyes flamed with the desire and hatred of one who had lost
everything that had ever mattered. During that one moment she  remained
still and one single word was spoken. In that instant  she burst into a
jade colored flame and vanished into nothingness. She now roams the world
in search of the one who intruded upon  her very existence. One volume of
her work is rumored to exist even now,  but historians have dismissed this
as only a rumor.

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